I’m a proud sleep addict.

I am seventeen years old, and the only constant problem I’ve had since I was a child is excessive sleep – well, at least I thought it was a problem. As a student at a day school, waking up in the morning was vital. All my friends talked about how they had trouble waking up in the morning, but none of their stories even came close to my struggle. I thought something was severely wrong with me. The pop-quizzes on the internet had diagnosed me with every disease known to man.

One day while I was surfing the internet on “How to study more efficiently,” I came across a site that suggested I reward myself after each task. What could that reward be? Sleep! That’s the thought that turned my life around, as sleep became my motivation. I would wake up for school and convince myself, that it was only seven hours until I could sleep again. I had decided that if I didn’t give my one hundred percent at school, I wouldn’t deserve my reward. Within no time, my attendance rose and so did my grades. Exam time became my favourite period because the school hours were shorter (which meant that my bed-time was closer.) It wasn’t only with school, my “sleep addiction” helped me to become a more organised, rather organised person. I implemented the similar reward system when it came to arranging my closet or tidying my room.

It has been four years since I accepted my sleep addiction and decided to let it work for me than against me. So today, I’m proud to say I’m a sleep addict because it was made me disciplined and I owe my good grades and improved lifestyle to it!

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