I’m a proud sleep addict.

I am seventeen years old, and the only constant problem I've had since I was a child is excessive sleep - well, at least I thought it was a problem. As a student at a day school, waking up in the morning was vital. All my friends talked about how they had trouble waking up... Continue Reading →


Empty spaces are the only places I could be myself for once. So much fakeness; There seems to be no one who knows how to smile. The things we go finding aren't the ones we're lacking. Oh, what has been done to us! Does it have to be so hard to be real? Why do... Continue Reading →


I had my first and my last day of schooling in the same school, but many others have had the same. I now realise that to me, the school was one in a million, but to the school, I was just one among the million. While I always believed that school was a huge part... Continue Reading →

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